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Ankit Jasmatiya- Soft Pastels & Charcoal Master

He is an artist based in Noida and passionate about pencils and mostly dry media. In his own words “it gives me the freedom to work anywhere and anytime”. Most of his artworks are based on portraits and his motive is to create the artistic expression of the face. He want to spread awareness towards art all over the world. To achieve this, he is uploading art tutorials on his YouTube channel named as artist Ankit Jasmatiya where he have more than 2,50,000 subscribers, so that everyone can learn art.
He usually work on graphite, charcoal and soft pastels. He worked on various methodology for achieving the portraiture like pencil measuring techniques, using light and shades, blocking method, subtraction method etc.
Presently he is also the brand ambassador of skillshare in India.
Happy drawing….

Art By: Ankit Jasmatiya, Instagram: artistankitjasmatiya,


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