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Supriti Chauhan – Water Colour Artist

Supriti Chauhan, the name behind @LaburnumSoul, exhibits her deep love for the Indian Laburnum or the Amaltas…she calls it her muse. For she feels forever inspired by the grace and magnificence that the tree exudes. Her artworks are impressionistic, at the same time, her work echoes free spiritedness. She seldom sketches and paints intuitively.

Art is not a vocation for Supriti Chauhan, it is a meditative retreat. She is an Educator and a Teacher Trainer by profession. ‘Laburnum Soul’, is her creative refuge away from the daily groove of life… to de-stress, heal and rejuvenate every single day, ready with new ideas not just for her work-place but also in her creative journey. She has been the Brand Ambassador for the Russian art brand range- Nevskaya Palitra since 2020. She was also an Art Educator for Watercolours with @SitaramStationers since 2020 and now our Brand Ambassador too. She finds joy in teaching art to others as a healing and an invigorating medium, for self-discovery. She believes art is for everyone, it is a great way to express your emotions without words, process complex feelings, find relief and make sense of the chaotic world we live in. 

As an Educator she focuses not just on the academic excellence of her Learners but also in developing skills and talent that encompasses wholesome learning and a joyful experience. In her view, art teaches Learners to be focused- as one perseveres through any creative endeavour or a medium, focus is imperative; one becomes more purposeful striving towards a planned, intended outcome. She also believes that art helps children in developing important characteristics and skills that they will need as adults- apart from patience and aesthetics. 

Being a soul in sync with nature, an avid gardener- she strongly believes in the healing and restorative powers of nature and that is exactly what inspires her to paint nature, flowers and foliage that she grows in her garden or when she travels or treks. She believes that nature has the power to transform you, if you allow it to, one has to embrace it the way it is and that’s when the magic begins to unravel- of the meditative and spiritual realm of a world within you, in sync with nature. Her artwork drives you to seek inspiration from nature and value the essence of your relationship with it.  In her Art Workshops, her focus remains on the process and not the final product, equipping her participants with skills and setting them up on a path of self-discovery… to find meaning and connection in one’s life. 

She successfully juggles between her profession, family and her creative endeavours. Her message to anyone who wishes to explore art is- “Just start… flow with it and let the magic of colours take over, if for nothing else, do it for your heart and see the transformation it brings to your existence”. 

Art By: Supriti Chauhan, Instagram: LaburnumSoul, Brand Ambassador: Nevskaya Palitra & Sitaram Stationers

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