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The Raw Craft 3D Moulding Powder Set

  • This newly improved molding material helps you in better ways, as colour change indicates the mixing, working and setting time.
  • Non-toxic, neat, safe to skin, with long shelf life.
  • Easy to do, quick and no mess. Capture those tiny little hands and feet before they get too big.
  • A perfect gift to create an everlasting memory.
  • The mould is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
3D Moulding and Casting Powder Kit is an amazingly unique way to treasure and memorialize special occasions - no matter if it's holding a close family member or friend's hand at a wedding, engagement, anniversary, or any other heartfelt and meaningful event we share with them. If you are looking for a tasteful way to capture all the love and the sentiment of one moment through time, we have got the ideal solution for you. With our molding kit, you can create the most beautiful sculptures of anything you hold dear and preserve the memory as the years pass by.