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Master-Class Gouache Colours-40ml Open Stock

Artists' gouache colours “Master-Class” “Master-Class” artists’ high-quality gouache colours are produced from finely ground pigments and gum-arabic based binder. These colours perfectly suit for artistic, decorative and graphic works. The colours have excellent spreading and water-mixing qualities and good covering power.They can be spread onto any flat surface, but the best materials for application are paper, cardboard and grounded canvas. The surface becomes matt and velvety upon drying; the colours are easily to wash off. The colour chart for paints sets is selected in accordance with methodological instructions adopted in artistic education. Available in sets of 12 colours in jars of 40 ml, 16 colours in jars of 20 ml, and in assortment of 40 ml jars (30 colours), 100 ml jars (30 colours),