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Camel Artist Water Colour Cakes Sets

Camel Artists’ Water colours in cake form have all the qualities of a superior water colour. They are manufactured under modern processes using good quality pigments which impart maximum degree of light-fastness, transparency and clear tones to the painting. They are available in 18, 24 & 48 shades.

Ladoga Artist’s Water Colour Cake Set of 24 (Made in Russia)

The high quality of Ladoga watercolours guarantees production techniques and control at every stage. Expensive inorganic pigments are replaced with less permanent organic light. Ladogi is characterized by an optimal value which makes it ideal for active and many painting artists and students. Colours included: Zinc White, Lemon, Hanza Yellow, Yellow Ocher, Raw Sienna, Golden, Orange Lake, Red Ocher, English Red, Scarlet, Rose, Madder Lake Red Light, Violet Rose, Blue Lake, Ultramarine, Bright Blue, Turquoise Blue, Yellow Green, Green, Emerald Green, Umber, Burnt Umber, Sepia, Neutral Black. Available in a set of 24 colours 2.5 ml pans.