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Ladoga Acrylic Colour 46ml Open Stock

Ladoga acrylic paints were developed in accordance with the modern approach to art of painting and its tools. Acrylic paints consist of pigments and acrylic dispersion. Ladoga acrylic paints perfectly harmonise with modern lifestyle. They enable artists to express their creative mind, their ideas in painting, decoration and design. Ladoga acrylic paints are very easy to work with, they are perfectly adhesive. Acrylic paints is the universal material. It can be applied on almost any surface: paper, cardboard, primed canvas, wood, leather, concrete. Acrylic paints can be used in different techniques. They are traditional easel painting, which is similar to oil and tempera techniques monumental painting, especially church painting. It is also possible to use acrylic paints in the watercolour technique (the acrylic paints should be diluted with water). Colour shades: Titanium White 101,Carmine 319, English Red 300, Phthalocyanine Blue 500, Phthalocyanine Green 703, Zinc White 100, Lemon 214, Red 331, Rose Deep 334,Vermilion Hue 312, Madder Lake Red 317, Red deep 348, Blue 515, Violet Deep 606, Ceruleum Blue Hue 503, Ultramine 511, Celestial Blue 512, Cobalt Blue Hue 508, Raw Umber 415, Raw Sienna 405, Burnt Sienna 406, Green Light 717, Chromium Oxide 704, Green Medium 722, Rose Light 335, Orange 315, Turquoise Blue 507, Gold Ochre 205, Yellow Medium 220, Emerald Green 720, Ochre Light 206, Yellow Deep 221, Naples Yellow 209, Yellow Light 213, Olimpic Gold 971, Gray 814, Burnt Umber 408, Lamp Black 801, Violet Light 605 Metallic Heraldry Gold 970, Metallic Gold Leaf 974, Metallic Maya Gold 973, Metallic Silver 966, Metallic Aztec Gold 968, Metallic Royal Gold 972, Metallic Inca Gold 969, Metallic Silver Light 961, Metallic Copper 964, Metallic Silver Deep 962, Metallic Bronze 963, Antique Gold 981