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Brause Calligraphy Assorted Nib Sets

Assorted sets of Brause nibs. Each set contains three nibs. Calligraphy: Bandzug nibs with reservoirs - ideal for rounded and Gothic letters. 1.5, 2.5 and 4mm nibs for a variety of styles and line widths. Writing: L'Ecoliere, steno and cito fein nibs - ideal for Old English and general script. Drawing: Three nibs from the most flexible to the hardest are suitable for all types of drawing or Old English small letters. Mixed: A flexible drawing nib, ideal for Old English small letters; a Steno nib, blue-coloured shorthand nib ideal for Old English; and a bandzug nib with reservoir, for rounded and Gothic letters. Fantasy: 3 nibs to help with original and fantasy styles. Simple and precise Index nib to learn drawing with a metal nib; the Music nib writes a music staff and the Plakat nib's gold-plated folded brush nib is ideal for large letters. Mix of small and large nib sizes.