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Camel Artist Brush Pen Set of 12

The ink is permanent once used on the paper, adding to the advantage of storing the painting, making calligraphy, sketching and illustration interesting and long-lasting. Some other features of Camlin’s Artist Brush Pens include the following: • Pigment Based Ink • UV Resistant • Water Proof Ink • Permanent Imprint • Acid Free • Lightfast Colours • Soft and Flexible Tip Simply allow yourself to be inspired by nature and explore your imagination on paper with your brush pens! Once you practice, you will get the hang of it!

Camlin Brush Pen Set of 6 Shades

  • Brush pens give a translucent water color effect with the ease of a pen- students can now create beautiful water colour without the inconvenience of using of water, palette, brush and colour
  • Water soluble and suitable for a wide range of papers
  • Flexible brush tip for effortless painting and calligraphy
  • Country of Origin: India