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Camel Artists Water Colour 20ml Tubes Open Stock

Camel Artist Water Colour 20ml Camel Artists’ Water Colours in tubes are formulated using only the finest quality ingredients to ensure maximum purity, transparency and clear tones. The even texture of colour, richness of hue and uniformity in various tonal values are the hallmarks of Camel Artists’ Water Colours. The Artist Water Colour can be used by a wide range of Artist, Professional Hobbyist and College students.  Colour shades: SR1 Raw Umber 367, SR1 Sepia 396, SR1 Payne's Grey 305, SR1 Lamp Black 231, SR1 Ivory Black 207, SR1 Chinese White 075 , SR1 Naples Yellow 271, SR1 Yellow Ochre 492, SR1 Raw Sienna 366, SR1 Indian Red 201, SR1 Burnt Sienna 031, SR1 Burnt Umber 032, SR2 Sap Green 391, SR2 Viridian Hue 453, SR1 Olive Green 281, SR1 Hooker's Green Light 193, SR1 Hooker's Green 191, SR1 Hooker's Geen Deep 192, SR2 Chrome Yellow Hue 084, SR2 Chrome Green Light Hue 078, SR2 Permanent Green Light 332, SR2 Emerald Green 117, SR2 Camlin Green 050, SR1 Terre Verte 421, SR2 Camlin Blue 051, SR2 Permanent Blue 330, SR2 French Ultramarine 144, SR1 Prussian Blue 351, SR2 Magenta 251, SR2 Indigo 203, SR2 Mauve 255, SR2 Purple 356, SR2 Violet 451, SR2 Cerulean Blue Hue 071, SR2 Cobalt Blue Hue 056, SR2 Vermilion Hue 449, SR1 Scarlet Lake 394, SR2 Carmine 053, SR2 Rose Madder Hue 377, SR2 Crimson Lake 063, SR1 Light Red 241, SR2 Permanent Orange 334, SR2 Gamboge Hue 153, SR1 Indian Yellow 205, SR2 Orange 283, SR2 Lemon Yellow 236, SR2 Permanent Yellow Deep 337, SR1 Ultramarine Blue 436