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Derwent Charcoal Blister Pack of 4

Often used for life studies charcoal is considered very traditional. But, encase it in wood and suddenly you have something much more contemporary - Derwent Charcoal Pencils! They will give you great control over your drawings but keep all those traditional charcoal effects that you love, with less mess! Blister of 4 contains: Light, Medium, Dark and Tinted Charcoal White.
  • Soft powdery charcoal pencils provide a wide range of tones from the deepest of blacks to the lightest of greys.
  • Made from natural charcoal particles.

Sitaram Charcoal Pencil Set of 3

  • Sitaram's set of charcoal pencils consist of three grades: hard, medium and soft for a versatile usage and easy blending.
  • They are made from compressed charcoal and gives rich dark effects and precise consistent strokes.