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Derwent Multi-pack Water brush Set Of 3

Chisel, Fine and Medium Tip Water Brush Set! Derwent multi pack water brush set with empty tank. These pocket brushes are used for travel watercolour and lettering with watercolour.

Kuretake Zig Small & Large Water brush Set Of 4

Create like a modern day Monet with this portable water brush for those who wish to paint anywhere, at anytime. Its lightweight design permits portability and eliminates the need to carry water bottles. Made in Japan. This price includes a set of 4 brushes. How to use:
  1. Unscrew the brush cap from the barrel.
  2. place fingers on the PUSH panels gently squeezing while immersing in water, allowing it to flow into the barrel.
  3. Reattach the brush tip. Adjusting pressure on the squeeze barrel will control water flow for a drier or wetter palette.