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Faber Castell Kindergarten Grip Crayons Sets

  • Tune into your children's creativity with art materials at an early age to help them become thoughtful & confident individuals later in life. Development  to adulthood is a step by step process hence age appropriate tools ensure better development of muscle strength, motor coordination & creative thinking making the children high achievers.When training is rushed we risk making the child overwhelmed & exhausted. The early age crayon range is a scientific and age appropriate tool which helps develop the child's core skills gradually but significantly while also making them have fun! Grip crayons help the child to draw & create larger pictures. develops palm muscles fully. Helps the child progress to holding thin objects like pencils and thin crayons. Leads to full grip formation. These can be used from both sides. Makes the hand less tired. Can  make broad lines, convenient to colour big space. Break resistant.