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Daler Rowney Perfix Colourless Fixative 150ml & 400ml

Fix charcoal and pastel works. Daler-Rowney Perfix Colourless Fixative is an excellent quality fixative spray that fixes charcoal and pastels. It sprays evenly with a minimal effect on tonal values and is easy to use. To achieve the best result, artists need lay their drawing flat and holding the can about 30cm away, spray back and forth across the drawing ensuring even coverage over the surface.
Dries quickly. Daler-Rowney Pastel Fixative dries quickly to prevent smudging and, once dry, it's completely colourless so artists can continue working on top of it.

Nevskaya Palitra Fixative Varnish-120ml

Varnishes are resin solutions in various solvents which give various properties and determine their purpose. Artist's Varnishes are divided into:
  1. inter layer varnishes
  2. Varnishes for the diluting of the colours or varnishes on the palette.
  3. Varnishes for coating or painting.