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General’s “The Original” Charcoal Assorted Grades & Generals Charcoal White

General's "The Original" Charcoal pencils are created from the highest quality willow charcoal (high carbon content) and fine organic blacks. They are encased in smooth high quality cedar coatings and come pre-sharpened ready to use as soon as you get your hands on them. With various grades of hardness available, these pencils are ideal for illustrations, sketching, shading large areas as well as fine detailing. The vivid, smooth blacks allow for you to ensure that your colours pop on the paper. Features: Made in USA, Cedar Wood Casing, Highest Quality Willow charcoal, Smooth Blacks. It comes in the following grades:
  • HB- Hard
  • 2B- Medium
  • 4B- Soft
  • 6B; Extra Soft
  • White