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General’s Pure Woodless Graphite 4/BP + SHP Set

Made of pure graphite in a convenient pencil shape and size, these woodless wonders give you more of what you want a pencil for. Purchase a set in each hardness so you can render different tonal values with ease. They're perfect for creating broad strokes and crisp edges, and they can also produce thin lines and render details as you draw or sketch. Sharpen them in a handheld sharpener without the mess of wood shavings. These pencils come pre-sharpened . HB is the hardest, and 8B is the softest.
Set of 4 - Contains 4 smooth Woodless Graphite pencils, including 1 each of HB, 2B, 4B, and 6B hardnesses. Also included is a handheld sharpener.

Made in the USA