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Daler Rowney Georgian Flat Brushes Long Handle Series 48


The Daler-Rowney Georgian Long Flat Brushes Series 48 have long handles, ideally suited to oil painting. They hold more colour due to the extra bristle length and they give longer strokes. These brushes are good for glazing.

Oil painting calls for resilient, durable and sturdy hog bristle brushes that have good colour retention and are easy to use. Daler-Rowney Georgian Bristle Brush Series 48 have extra-fine quality Chungking bristle with a high percentage of natural flags for maximum colour-holding and smooth flexible strokes.

Daler Rowney Georgian Flat Brushes Short Handle Series 36

  Georgian brushes have high quality hog hairs and offer experienced artists the ultimate experience. All brushes in the benefit from qualitative improvements, even for shapes and sizes available previously. All brushes feature higher quality ferrules. Additionally, a fresh modern handle design common to all three ranges creates a visual presentation of one complete range for all techniques.