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Nevskaya Palitra “I am an Artist” Glitter Gel Pen Set

A set of gel pens with glitter  "I am an Artist" An indispensable companion in any kind of creativity and writing. In the set "I am an Artist!" Of the 6 mother of pearl colors, bright colors are included, soft when writing. They are ideal for children's creativity and writing. The gel consistency of the ink spreads evenly over the paper and dries quickly. The inclusion of metallic particles adds a shiny effect to the ink. The smooth glide of the nib and the comfortable body make these pens one of the most popular writing instruments among children and adults. Gel pens "I am an Artist" available in a set  of 6 colors with sparkles Glitter Color Pack of 6 includes: Gold, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Graphite Characteristics of gel pens "I am an Artist" Ink Refill Length: 10 cm Pen Diameter: 0.8 mm Tip Shape: Rounded Metal Tip