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Golden High Flow Acrylic Marker Set of 5 (#959)


Experience the ease and customization of marking with GOLDEN High Flow Marker Set!

The High Flow Marker Set from GOLDEN includes five High Flow colors plus three empty refillable markers, providing an ideal way for artists to discover how easy it is to use refillable markers with High Flow Acrylics. The GOLDEN High Flow Acrylic colors are ultra-thin and have an ink-like consistency. From spraying to mark-making, they are thin enough to go directly from the bottle into an airbrush, refillable marker, or dip pen. The three markers included in the set give artists the opportunity to try a variety of sizes, from a fine tip to a wider stroke (1 mm, 2 mm and 15 mm tip sizes). Many fine artists have never considered the possibilities of using permanent acrylics in tools, such as refillable markers or pens. The High Flow Marker Set makes it convenient and easy to try this drawing method.
Key Features:
  • Three refillable markers (1 mm, 2 mm and 15 mm tip sizes)
  • Five 1oz bottles of color
  • High-fluidity, ink-like acrylic paint
  • Intense pigment load & high lightfastness
Perfect For:
  • Airbrush, technical pen, and refillable markers
  • Traditional painting and illustration techniques
  • Staining, washing, and pouring straight from the bottle
  • A versatile, ink-like paint ideal for any artist!
High Flow Acrylic Markers Set: This set features three empty markers and five 1 oz bottles of acrylic. Marker tips are 1mm, 2mm and 15mm.
Colors included: Benzimidazolone Yellow Medium, Naphthol Red Light, Fluorescent Pink, Carbon Black & Green Gold