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Golden High Flow Transparent Colors Set of 10 (#954)

Super-fluid, high intensity acrylics for airbrush, fine art, and more! High Flow Acrylics from GOLDEN are a totally new addition to the world of acrylic painting! These convenient sets are the ideal introduction to this innovative line, and are perfect for use with anything from paintbrush to airbrush, technical pen to broad washes! The highly pigmented, lightfast colors are fully intermixable for a limitless range of shades, and each set comes with a well-balanced selection of ten Assorted or Transparent pigments in 30ml bottles. Try a set today, and use this versatile new acrylic paint for all your artistic exploits, from finely detailed drawings to abstract pouring techniques! Key Features: High-fluidity, ink-like acrylic paint Intense pigment load & high light fastness Introductory sets of ten 30ml bottles Available in Assorted or Transparent colors Perfect For: Airbrush, technical pen & refillable marker Traditional painting & illustration techniques Staining, washing, & pouring straight from the bottle A versatile, ink-like paint ideal for any artist! Colors included: Transparent Dioxazine Purple, Transparent Benzimidazolone Yellow Medium, Transparent Naphthol Red Light, Transparent Phthalo Blue GS, Transparent Phthalo Green BS, Transparent Quinacridone Red, Transparent Brown Iron Oxide, Transparent Red Iron Oxide, Transparent Shading Gray, Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide