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Master Class Acrylic Colour Set of 12x18ml

12 Extra-fine Artists’ Professional Grade acrylic colors St.Petersburg MASTER CLASS in 18 ml tubes. Made in Russia. MASTER CLASS acrylic paints are produced especially for professional artists. High pigment capacity and minimum ­filler content help to preserve glitter, intensity and depth of a color after drying. Finely-balanced color base gives the paints rich texture and viscosity. MASTER CLASS paints enable artists to express their creative ideas in painting, decoration and design. The paints are perfectly adhesive and can be applied on almost any surface: paper, cardboard, primed canvas, wood, leather or concrete. They are also great for NAIL ART modeling. Various techniques may be used working with MASTER CLASS acrylic colors: *Traditional easel painting, similar to oil and tempera techniques *Monumental painting, especially church painting *Watercolor technique (the paints may be diluted in water) *Air brush painting (the paints should be diluted in water 50/50) Drying time of the thin and medium layer on paper is one hour. When dry the paint generates a flexible and indelible film. Colors included: Titanium White Lemon Yellow Medium Red Permanent Carmine Cobalt Blue Ultramarine Light Phthalocyanine Green Raw Sienna Olive Green Burnt Umber Mars Black

Master Class Gift Set of Acrylic Color

Master Class acrylic paints are made specifically for professional artists. The high pigment capacity and minimium fill content preserve the gloss, intensity and depth of colours during drying. These colours have a rich texture and viscosity and are perfectly suitable for traditional painting as well as for design work and always guarantee a perfect result. Master Class Acrylic Paint Gift Set includes acrylic glossy lacquer 120ml and brushes Nevskaya Palitra No. 4 (Flat) and No. 3 (Round) by 1 piece, Including colour tube : 101 titanium white, 214 lemon, 237 yellow permanent, 350 red permanent, 319 carmine, 508 cobalt blue, 703 phthalocyanine green, 727 olive green, 405 raw sienna, 408 burnt umbra, 800 Mars black or 801 Lamp black. This Master Class Acrylic Paint Gift Set is a good idea to make an artist happy!