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Journey so far… by Milind Mulick


About the book

A collection of watercolour paintings by Milind Mulick. “Painting, like all other art forms, is primarily about communication. Every painting starts with a visual that gets filtered by the artist’s experience, perception and thought process. Each one has an idea to convey and a story to tell. This book is a candid account of the part of my journey that can be put in words. It talks about what inspires me, motivates me, makes my creative urge tick! This book is ‘One for the road’.”

Methods and Techniques – Opaque Colour


About the book

Milind Mulick’s mastery over watercolours is already well-known. His work and articles have appeared in reputed international publications devoted to art.

In this book he has revealed in simple terms, how to get the best out of opaque colours. His skill in making the subject easy to understand for beginners and students is also evident here.



About the book

Amply illustrated and written in an easy narrative style, Mulick demystifies the seemingly difficult subject and helps the art student to allay his anxieties about ‘getting it right’. In fact, few books have dared to venture into this territory and Mulick has successfully conveyed the concept, staying clear of complex definitions and methods; used traditionally.

Varanasi – An artist’s impression by Milind Mulick


About the book

Varanasi... The city of temples. The most ancient and most sacred city in India. The Ganga which washes away all one’s sins is an inseparable part of the culture of Varanasi. The city had been beckoning me for a long time. I longed to paint the temples and the ghats of the Ganga. The first impression of the maze of crisscrossing narrow lanes and the closely-knit houses was somewhat claustrophobic but mysterious, which roused my curiosity. But when I opened the window of my hotel room, the Ganga stretched to infinity in front of my eyes....

Watercolour by Milind Mulick


About the book

Flow & Confidence, so essential for working with watercolours can be easily attained from - ‘Watercolour’ by Milind Mulick. Through – 1. Introduction, 2. Practice, 3. Sketching, 4. Composition, 5. Colours, 6. The Painting Process, 7. Gallery Chapters of his book on Watercolours. Detailed hints right from primary techniques to the finer aspects of art have been provided with ample demonstrations. The paintings from his Gallery speak volumes, with an in-depth analysis alongside. This book by Milind Mulick has been in great demand since the first edition. It is unique in introducing the student and enthusiast to the world of watercolour in a step-by-step manner. Mulick’s mastery over the medium is evident. Although he has been influenced by the British tradition of watercolour painting, Mulick’s style has evolved over the years; and has acquired a unique Indian flavour. The vibrancy of colours and an ability to capture the essence of the subject are the hallmark of his paintings.

Watercolour Paintings with Photo References by Milind Mulick


About the book

In this book renowned artist Milind Mulick explores and demonstrates watercolour painting using photographs.

 Nowadays due to technological invasion... most artists are 'practically' using photographs as reference material. When a photograph is used as a reference point, it is important to pay attention to draw inspiration from it, not replicate it. This involves developing a preliminary thumbnail sketch to determine the composition and making artistic decisions to recreate 'that' moment.