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Roubloff “Miniature” 4 Brushes Set

Set of 4 basic brushes. Essential for painting miniatures and collectible models. These brushes let you work with different techniques using various materials. Anodized aluminum ferrules prevent the hair from breakage or falling out, which is important while working with small parts. In order to make the brushes easier to hold, the handle is painted partially. Besides, the light and seamless handle has a thickened shape to provide comfort when working with brushes for a long time. On the other hand, a pointed edge of the handle can be used for pattern corrections or as a spatula. THE SET INCLUDES: Striper-brush, a kolinsky imitation which lessens hand tension when working with a miniature, such as painting the eyes of a doll or lining eyebrows Round brush from kolinsky imitation works perfectly with paint, provides accurate and even application of paint even on difficult areas Round brush with a shorter length and kolinsky imitation hair is optimal for filigree technique and dot patterns Flat brush from kolinsky imitation is excellent for coloring large areas on plastic models, as well as for gluing them it slides over the surface well and provides a wonderful result.