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Mont Marte Charcoal Pencil Set of 12

  • Complete set of MONT MARTE drawing charcoal. A total of 12 charcoal pencils in the package including: 6 soft pencils, 4 pencils of medium hardness and 2 hard pencils. Become artistically creative with this handy pencil set!
  • Very easy to use, as the pencils with wooden coating are very handy for painting and drawing. Ideal for easy drawing of lines and sharp contours.
  • For professionals and hobby artists and for those who would like to try drawing with charcoal pencils. Suitable for sketches, fashion drawings, portraits, etc.
  • An ideal basic equipment for those who love charcoal drawings. With this basic equipment you get the perfect tool for charcoal drawings of every kind.
  • For a very simple blurring of the drawings with the finger or with the eraser. So you can set special accents in your drawings in coal technique.