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Mungyo Artists Oil Pastels Open Stock

Gallery Artists' Soft Oil Pastels Formulated from the finest pigments and materials for rich color and smooth consistency, these oil pastels are perfect for any artistic ex-pression. Easily blended either dry or with solvents, Mungyo Artists' Soft Oil Pastels can be used for all sorts of oil pastel techniques from scraping and stippling to color gradations and overlays.

Mungyo Artists Soft Pastels Open Stock

Mungyo Artists Soft Pastels are made from the finest pigments with a smooth, velvety texture perfect for blending, color gradations, overlays , dry-wash and more.
All colors are highly lightfast and fade-resistant, and each set features a well-balanced selection of assorted colors for painting any subject. Easy to draw with a very smooth touch. Mungyo Artists Soft Pastels is a great choice for lovers of good quality. It adheres well on rough surfaces – a pastel or watercolor paper, a rough cardboard or a canvas. The pastel is perfectly fused, leaving a gentle velvety tint. The square shape of the dry pastel Mungyo makes it simple to apply both thin lines (the corner) and wide strokes (the entire surface of the cut).