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Decola Silk Colour Set 6X50ml

DECOLA ACRYLIC BATIK PAINT- 6 x 50 ML Batik paints from the “Decola” series of the “Nevskaya Palitra” are intended for decoration of natural and synthetic fibers – cotton, linen, silk and more. In addition to full dyeing, batik paints can be used to paint or decorate accents using templates or stamps. When textile dyes are used to create separate decorative elements, the borders of the image should be outlined with contour lines to prevent the colors from blending and overflowing. Batik paints are dried overnight, then fixed for 5 minutes with an iron at a temperature consistent with the requirements of the material used. Batik woven fabrics can then be washed by hand or in a 30-degree washing machine. Decola Batik paints are available in 6 colors, in 50 ml plastic jars. The colors included in the set for natural and synthetic fabrics are yellow, orange, green, blue, red and black. In addition, there are two 18 ml contours in the kit.



Acrylic colours "Decola" are applied for painting onto different surfaces, they don't crack and strongly keep not only on solid materials, like cardboard or wood, but also on flexible: cloth, leather, paper, ceramic and etc. After drying this type of colors forms up an elastic and bright coating. Colours are produced on a basis of water-acrylic dispersion that perfectly can be mixed with each other. High concentration of pigment provides excellent covering properties.

Color palette of acrylic colours "Decola" has a variety of colors which always keeps widening, including metallic, fluorescent, pearl and interfering colours.