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Royal Talens Van Gogh Oil Color Paint 10x20ml Tubes

A set of 10 essential colours from the Van Gogh range of oil paint. Van Gogh is the brand for the serious artist with an eye for quality. The paint is easy to mix and all colours have an almost equal degree of sheen and thickness. The colours are strong and brilliant, due to the finely ground pure pigments. The good to excellent lightfastness also ensures colour retention in the long term. Whatever oil colour technique you choose, Van Gogh Oil Colour provides a beautiful result. Available in a lively palette of 66 colours. 10 x 20ml tubes. Colours included: 005 Titanium White (Safflower Oil), 268 Azo Yellow Light, 270 Azo Yellow Deep, 393 Azo Red Medium, 366 Quinacridone Rose, 504 Ultramarine, 535 Cerulean Blue Phthalo, 619 Permanent Green Deep, 409 Burnt Umber and 701 Ivory Black. Made in the Netherlands.