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Deenanath Dalal


About the book

Deenanath Dalal, a classical painter by nature, made his mark in the publishing world. He changed the look of publishing world through his classical view. He was the pioneer of such work which displayed not only the title of book but also the contents. He added elegance to book design. His paintings inspired many. His commercial creations were always controlled by a sense of classical point of view.

Journey so far… by Milind Mulick


About the book

A collection of watercolour paintings by Milind Mulick. “Painting, like all other art forms, is primarily about communication. Every painting starts with a visual that gets filtered by the artist’s experience, perception and thought process. Each one has an idea to convey and a story to tell. This book is a candid account of the part of my journey that can be put in words. It talks about what inspires me, motivates me, makes my creative urge tick! This book is ‘One for the road’.”

Master Artist Baburao Sadwelkar


About the book

Prof. Baburao Narayan Sadwelkar (BNS) is a renowned name in Indian Art World. Apart from his solid contribution to Indian Art, his own body of work is inspiring and varied.

This book represents a collection of landscapes done in the watercolour and opaque medium on the spot, mainly from his days in Kolhapur and his years in mumbai while at the Sir. J.J. School of Art.

One can witness a change and development in approach, handling of tools, experiments with medium and an influence of some Western painters. Apart from recording an aesthetic journey of the artist, landscapes that were done from various locations in Mumbai, The monumental buildings and their historic importance. This canvas, a variety of historic collection will open a new avenue to young painters of today's times. Over 200 landscapes painted sitting on the streets of Mumbai in the early 50s reflect the artist's response to reality – a dream of any artist today.


Master Artist Vasudeo Kamath


About the book

This book not only enriches us with a cross-section of Vasudeo Kamath’s landscape painting, but also offers wealth of information about the technical problems of the medium, his own methods to solve creative problems and many practical hints useful for all levels of artists who have special love for outdoor painting and watercolour.  

Methods and Techniques – Opaque Colour


About the book

Milind Mulick’s mastery over watercolours is already well-known. His work and articles have appeared in reputed international publications devoted to art.

In this book he has revealed in simple terms, how to get the best out of opaque colours. His skill in making the subject easy to understand for beginners and students is also evident here.



About the book

Amply illustrated and written in an easy narrative style, Mulick demystifies the seemingly difficult subject and helps the art student to allay his anxieties about ‘getting it right’. In fact, few books have dared to venture into this territory and Mulick has successfully conveyed the concept, staying clear of complex definitions and methods; used traditionally.

The Gallery by Grace Prakashan


About the book

It is said sometimes that female figure is the most beautiful thing God created. Naturally it is a fascinating subject for all painters. John Fernandes with his extraordinary talent paints figures with ease and confidence. Now-a-days in the art field when a cyclonic storm of 'creativity' and 'freedom of expression' is going on, John stands like a rock, proclaiming that 'Drawing' in itself is an art and drawing and painting a figure is one of the most challenging subject for an artist. John is a draftsman of tremendous ability. His confidence and the power of execution make one feel that God stuck a brush in his hand instead of a sword. He draws and paints so naturally that it looks as if he is just enjoying it - especially when he paints a female figure, bringing all the grace and delicacy of the model. Surely he is an artist who can be called a phenomenon.