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Clairefontaine Paint’On Multi-Technique with Grey Green Pad, 250gsm

Clairefontaine Paint On Green Grey Padsare made within the Clairefontaine Paper Mill in Meurthe, France. The pads contain 30 pages of long natural unbleached virgin fibres,  making this paper 100% natural and biodegradable. It is also PEFC certified from sourced, recyclable materials so it is very eco-friendly and has unique mechanical strength and flexibility. The sheets are pH neutral and acid-free. Each page is 250gsm and is great for charcoal, pencils and all mixed-media as it retains pigments well. It is a very resistant paper and can also be used for wet techniques such as acrylic and gouache. The paper is Green Grey in colour and smooth with a slight texture, similar to cartridge paper. The Clairefontaine Paint On Pad is cut-edge which provides a clean edge to the paper. The cover is paperback with a cardboard back to provide a harder surface to work on. The bind is glued in and produces a straight edge when ripped out of the pad; it can also open-flat. The book isn't too thick and it’s ideal for artists of all abilities. The pad contains 30 sheets