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Clairefontaine Paint’On Multi-Technique with Mix Media Pad, 250gsm

Clairefontaine Paint’On Multi-Technique with Assorted Coloured Paper Pad, 250gsm 6 different shades of surfaces with 4 sheets each The Paint’ON Multi-Technique paper is made from 100% pure cellulose. The paper has a pronounced grain on the front and a smooth back. The paper is suitable for mix-media such as drawing and painting. The paper is well adapted for dry techniques as well as wet techniques with felt-tip, Indian ink, gouache, acrylic and more. The paper is resistant to scratching for a multi-layer effect and to alter the work. The paper is 250gsm and comes in a glued pad It has 6 colours- Denim, White, With Grain, Grey, Natural, Black