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Daler-Rowney Staywet Palette

The Daley Rowney Staywet Palette has been designed to keep acrylic colours wet and workable for a long period of time. It consists of a lidded tray into which a membrane system is placed and moistened. Acrylics can then be used on the top layer as a normal palette. Closing the lid ensures the system remains moist for days, and water may be added to extend the storage period further. This economical palette is 13" x 9.5" x 1" (33cm x 24cm x 2.5cm). It is a rectangular shape and has a transparent removable lid.  The palette contains 3 sheets of absorbent reservoir paper and 12 sheets of membrane paper. The refill pack for the Rowney acrylic palette contains 3 sheets of absorbent reservoir paper and 12 sheets of membrane paper. The size of palette refill is 202mm x 254mm

Daler-Rowney Tear-Off Paper Palette (A4, 40 Sheets)

The Daler Rowney Tear-Off Palette for oils and acrylics couldn’t be simpler to use. It is made from glossy paper, which you simply use as you would any palette then, once you’re finished, tear off and throw away – no cleaning required. The Daler-Rowney Tear-Off Palette contains 40 sheets. FEATURES
  • Paint palette with 40 easy tear off sheets on stiff chipboard backing.
  • Suitable for Acrylics and Oils
  • No need for clean up.
  • Clear acrylic-coated paper, 40 sheets (90gsm)

Mijello Triple Decker Palette 52 Wells

  • The unique design of this palette prevents the wet paints from leaking.
  • Place the removable tray over the bottom side palette before closing.
  • Don’t overload the paint higher than the lip of the bottom side palette.
  • The removable tray provide extra mixing space.