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Daler Rowney Aquafine Round Brushes Short Handle Series 85

  Daler-Rowney’s Aquafine watercolour brush range uses a formulation of thick and thin filaments, tapered to a point, as well as different lengths to become a synthetic imitation of natural sable hair. The Series AF85 is a versatile candle-flame shaped brush, used for sweeping washes of colour as well as touching in fine lines and detail.

Daler Rowney Georgian Round Brushes Long Handle Series 24


Daler Rowney Georgian Round Brushes Series 24 are resilient, durable and sturdy, with good colour retention. These round bristle brushes are particularly suitable for detailed work and contours in both oil and acrylic painting.

These Daler Rowney Georgian Round Brushes Series 24 have extra-fine white Chungking hog bristles for smooth flexible strokes. They have long black handles with a red band, and silver ferrules.

Daler Rowney Graduate Bristle Round Long Handle Brushes

Designed with the intermediate oil and acrylic artist in mind, these brushes represent exceptional quality and value for money. Made from a mix of synthetic and natural hairs, the collection of shapes and sizes make this a 'must have' range for any artist.

Daler Rowney Graduate Synthetic Round Wash Short Handle Brushes

Perfect for covering large areas and particularly useful for watercolours, this Graduate round wash brush from Daler Rowney makes a great tool for students and artists alike.

Daler Rowney System 3 Round Brushes Long Handle Series 45


System 3 brush range has been engineered to offer the best selection of brushes in the market for fine-art students at the most competitive price.  Traditionally limited to Artists' quality brushes, high quality natural hairs have been added to offer experienced artists the ultimate experience. The new range also supports a wider range of applications by adding an additional line of long handled brushes with stiffer filaments, ideal for artists using heavier bodied acrylics.

These brushes are ideal for the fine detail work required for portraiture and other delicate techniques which can't be achieved with traditional hog bristle brushes.  All ranges include new head shapes and sizes supporting a variety styles.

Daler Rowney System 3 Round Brushes Short Handle Series 85

  System 3 brushes are resilient and durable - an ideal art & craft painting tool for beginners and enthusiasts alike. The single thickness of soft synthetic filaments gives a good snap and perfect spring ideal for acrylic painting. The soft dark-tipped synthetic filaments and black aluminium ferrule combined with an ergonomic handle gives this brush style, affordability, flexibility and comfort. The unique balanced handle prevents fatigue through hours of painting. Round brushes can be used for touching in small areas, fine detailing and for applying well-thinned colour. A large size round will make it easier to lay a broad wash over a substantial area. These brushes have short handles.