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Sharpie Fine Tip Black 2pcs Set

FEATURES: Extreme brilliance with vivid, high-contrast colors Extreme resilience with ink that's quick-drying and fade resistant against both wet and dry outdoor elements--UV rays don't stand a chance. Extreme fine tip stands up to plastic, glass, wood, and other outdoor surfaces Extreme versatility on sports gear, camping equipment, boating accessories, and other items not allowed inside APPLICATION: A water-resistant marker recommended for identifying and labelling. Proven permanent on most surfaces, such as metal, glass, plastic, foils, rubber, waxed paper, etc. The high intensity inks are available in bright colors and are available in fine, extra fine and ultra-fine points. Ideal for hobby and craft

Sharpie Fine Tip Black Permanent Marker Pen


Sharpie Fine Tip Permanent Marker Pen

The Sharpie® Fine Tip Permanent Marker will write on most surfaces and has a 1mm tip. It is ideal for everyday use at home, on the job site, etc. The high-quality ink dries quickly and resists both fading and water. The cap quickly identifies the colour inside, there is also a handy clip that allows the marker to be attached to a pocket or folder. 1 x Sharpie® Fine Permanent Marker Black.