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Shinhan Professional COLORIST Poster Color 40ml Tube & Jar Set of 12


ShinHan Art Colorist Professional Poster Color Set

Colorist Poster Color from ShinHan Art is a professional-grade poster paint used for illustration and design. In some major markets, this paint is used exclusively for government certified Colorist Engineer Examinations and has been well loved since its introduction. With a balanced spectrum of 12 colors, you can create accurate color mixtures with excellent opacity and full vividness of colors. These incredibly smooth and vibrant colors are spectacular on dark backgrounds and blend beautifully. Use them in art journals, for bright abstract work, illustration, and more. You can also stencil with them for super vivid stenciled images. Each set comes with 12 - 40ml plastic bottles in a reusable plastic case that's great for storage. Note that at first, you may just get a clear-ish medium sitting on top when you open the bottles. It's quite common, even with professional grade paints, to have some settling and separation of the pigments and mediums between production and use by the end consumer. You should be able to shake the bottles or open and stir to mix them back together. This is normal and I don't do returns or refunds for this characteristic of the paint.
Shinhan Professional COLORIST Poster Color 40ml Jar Set of 12
A superior blend with pure pigments of vivid colors that retain color value before & after drying.