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Silver Brush Black Velvet Round Watercolor Brushes Set of 7

  1. BLACK VELVET: Our Black Velvet brushes were created for watercolor artists and skilled hobbyists. Each Black Velvet brush is soft enough to add color without disturbing previous layers but firm enough to lift color when needed.
  2. MATERIALS: Our Black Velvet professional watercolor brushes are expertly crafted with a luxurious blend of squirrel hair and black synthetic fiber. Each brush has a short handle that is distinctively finished with black lacquer and a band of silver.
  3. ROUND BRUSH SET: This set of watercolor brushes has 7 round brushes of varying sizes. Our round paint brushes are ideal to use when creating precise, detailed work. Each round paintbrush can create thin lines, fine details, dots, and scrollwork.
  4. PAINTS: Our Black Velvet brushes are best paired with watercolor paints. Each brush will hold the right amount of color, giving you more time to focus on your masterpiece. Watch your ethereal creations come to life with our premium-quality brushes.

Silver Brush Black Velvet® Watercolor Brushes Open Stock


Great With Watercolor, Gouache, Liquid Acrylics, Inks And Dye!

These deluxe watercolor brushes feature a specially designed combination of pure natural squirrel hair and black synthetic hair. This combination of natural and synthetic hair can hold vast amounts of color and release it with perfect control. The soft hair blend allows for delicate techniques like glazing and painting multiple layers yet is firm enough to lift color with a light and gentle scrub of the brush. Black Velvet Brushes are perfect for artists that work with inks, gouaches, acrylics, watercolors, and dyes. A treat for any multi-media artist!
Key Features:
  • Absorbent hair works beautifully with all fluid media!
  • Balanced blend of natural squirrel and synthetic fibers
  • Releases color in a slow, controlled manner
  • 3008S Series features scraper handles on ends
Perfect For:
  • All Water Media and Multimedia Artists
  • Glazing and laying down multiple layers
  • Silk Painting and working with Dyes
  • Inks, gouaches, acrylics, watercolors, and dyes
  • Artists of all levels