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Silver Brush Silver White Watercolor Brushes Open Stock


Synthetic brushes that will take your art to new heights!

Dee Silver, the legendary brush designer, has created a whole new breed of synthetic bristle that imitates the most delicate natural hair at a fraction of the price. Silverwhite is the cause for vast celebration in the animal kingdom. These short-handled brushes contain blended lengths and thicknesses of filament hair that can work with all media types. The varied synthetic filament thicknesses hold color amazingly well! Thick enough to push heavy-bodied media around while still allowing for the sharpest edges in flats and fine needle points in rounds. Each brush is hand-tied with interlocked hair, glued, crimped, and inspected before shipment.
Key Features:
  • Short handle synthetic brushes
  • Imitates delicate natural hair
  • Holds color amazingly well
  • Varying lengths and widths of filament hair
  • Sharp chisel edges and fine needlepoints
  • Hand-tied with interlocked hair
  • Inspected before shipment
Perfect For:
  • Watercolors, acrylics, and gouache
  • Animal-friendly artists
  • Heavy-bodied acrylics
  • High color load & large washes
  • Superb control, response, and sharp edge
  • Controlled brushwork
  • Painting fine details