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Sonnet Artistic Materials Set Gouache (32 Items)

Gouache is one of the most popular materials in the world of painting and is in particular demand among artist and students. In addition to 12 classic colors, the set includes 5 new shades of Sonnet gouache. The set is completed with auxiliary art materials and accessories. Thanks to the functional case, the set is easy to transport and store. A set of art materials "Sonnet" "Gouache" for 32 items: Gouache "Sonnet" (17 colours in 40 ml jars) Watercolour pad "Sonnet" (1 pieces) Pigment liners "Sonnet" (5 pieces) White gel pens "Sonnet" (3 pieces) Graphite drawing pencil "Sonnet" (1 piece) Synthetic brushes "Sonnet" (2 pieces) Pencil Sharpener "Sonnet" (1 pieces) Kneaded eraser (1 pieces) Plastic multi box with lid (1 piece with tray)