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Sonnet Watercolor Sets of 12 “Botanica” & “Plein Air”

Meet in 2021 - new thematic sets of watercolors Botanica and Plein Air from the Sonnet line ! The studio series' balanced palette sets are designed for aspiring watercolor artists. Students of art schools and art studios, illustrators and art lovers in search of their path in watercolor painting take their first steps with Sonnet sets . Sonnet artistic watercolors have many advantages. They give the opportunity to feel the watercolor, its depth and transparency. Vivid, pure colors can be used to achieve rich hues. Recommended for learning the basics of watercolor techniques, working in mixtures, quick sketches. They are made according to modern recipes using mainly organic pigments. In production, a binder is used based on a natural component - cellulose ether. The paints are easy to pick up on the brush without the soapy effect that is sometimes characteristic of studio series from different manufacturers.

Sonnet Watercolor set of 12  Botanica

The Botanica watercolors palette inspires botanical sketches with the variety of vibrant colors found in the natural hues of meadow and garden plants.

The set includes: Hansa lemon 227 *** Yellow deep 221 ** Red light 336 ** Carmine 319 ** Azure 513 *** Ultramarine light 501 *** Violet light 605 * Violet deep 606 * Emerald  Green720 *** Sap green 716 *** Raw sienna 405 *** Lamp Black 801 ***

Sonnet Watercolor set of 12 Plein air

The palette of a set of watercolors Plein Air is a versatile tool for solving various creative problems when creating landscape sketches. The set includes: Yellow medium 220 ** Red light 336 ** Madder lake red 317 ** Azure 513 *** Ultramarine light 501 *** Emerald Green 720 *** Green deep 710 ** Raw sienna 405 *** Burnt sienna 406 *** Burnt umber 408 *** Sepia 413 *** Lamp Black 801 ***