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Sonnet Fluid Art Medium Gloss 220 ml

Medium acrylic gloss fluid art based on aqueous acrylic dispersion is designed for artistic painting art on the differene materials such as paper, canvas & wood etc. when mixed with acrylic paint gives it a pearly shine and reduce the viscosity of the paint it is used in the technique of "fluid art" (Liquid acrylic) Do not use for painting goods that contact with foodstuffs. if it gets on your skin wash it away thoroughly wash brushes and tools with water immediately after work do not heat treat the acrylic meium with a hair dryer keep medium tightly at the temperature from 5 C° to 35 C°. Thoroughly wash brushes and tools with water after work if it gets on you skin wash it away guarantee period 3 years from the date of its production Composition: acrylic dispersion, water, additives

Sonnet Aquamarkers Double Sided Open Stock

Water-soluble light fast aqua markers are intended for painting, drawing & mixed media techniques. They perfectly combine the properties of watercolors and markers. They have bright and rich colors that mix well with each other. The flexible brush tip is good for painting, and the small bullet for small details. These markers are completely water-soluble & can easily be blended using any water brush.

White Gel Pens Set of 3 – Sonnet

White gel pens are designed for drawing, lettering and design work on tinted paper. They are ideal for adding details to a picture, creating highlights, placing accents, including in watercolors and sketching with markers. The Sonnet set includes 3 gel pens with writing nib of the most popular Size 0.5, 0.8 and 1.0 mm. The varying pen body thickness allows creation of both fine, even and more expressive lines. It is recommended that the pens be stored in a horizontal position with cap on.