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Nitram Starter Kit

  • Starter Kit contains four charcoal sticks (one each of H, HB, B, and B+), plus a slim sharpening bloc and extra sanding pads.
  • Sharpening Bloc is ideal for shaping & Sharpening Charcoal & other drawing media
  • Low Dust; Easy to Erase & Blend; Can be sharpened to a fine point; NITRAM is considered the Finest Charcoal for drawing & is the preferred charcoal of professional artists, academies & ateliers
  • Do not crumble or skip when used expressively or under pressure; Perfect for drawing & sketching, creating brilliant dark lines and shading & drawing shadows
  • Made in Canada by secret process (that maintains the woods cell structure to increase durability & prevent breakage) invented by Daniel Gros & carried forward by Jerzy Niedojadlo