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Daler Rowney System 3 Bright Brushes Long Handle Series 41

  System 3 brushes are resilient and durable - an ideal art & craft painting tool for beginners and enthusiasts alike. The single thickness of soft synthetic filaments gives a good snap and perfect spring ideal for acrylic painting. The soft dark-tipped synthetic filaments and black aluminium ferrule combined with an ergonomic handle gives this brush style, affordability, flexibility and comfort. The unique balanced handle prevents fatigue through hours of painting. These brushes have long handles.

Daler Rowney System 3 Flat Brushes Long Handle Series 44

  When you're looking for a professional edge without denting a strict budget, then these System 3 Flat Long Handle Brushes from Daler Rowney are the perfect companion to your painter's stash. From vibrant details to subtle lowlights, strut your skills with effortless ease.
With fine fibres for excellent paint-retention, these brushes are designed for ambitious acrylics, the wonders of watercolour and mastering mixed media. For beginners and professionals alike, artists of every skill level can enjoy creative freedoms – for less.

Daler Rowney System 3 Flat Brushes Short Handle Series 55

  System 3 brushes are great for the art student or professional and are suited best to acrylic painting. An increased range of brushes coupled with erganomic improvements to the handle and the actual bristles makes this new range stylish and easier to use than it's predecessors. Key Features
  • Hand mixed blends for improved and uniform mixing
  • Blend of filaments with 3 different diameters
  • New custom tapered mixes (different cut lengths) of the 3 diameters for large rounds,  ensuring that the “belly”, or colour reservoir, and length of taper to point are perfectly matched to the size of the brush
  • Addition of long handled brushes featuring blends of stiffer filaments, ideally suited for use with heavier bodied acrylics (and oil)