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The Gallery by Grace Prakashan


About the book

It is said sometimes that female figure is the most beautiful thing God created. Naturally it is a fascinating subject for all painters. John Fernandes with his extraordinary talent paints figures with ease and confidence. Now-a-days in the art field when a cyclonic storm of 'creativity' and 'freedom of expression' is going on, John stands like a rock, proclaiming that 'Drawing' in itself is an art and drawing and painting a figure is one of the most challenging subject for an artist. John is a draftsman of tremendous ability. His confidence and the power of execution make one feel that God stuck a brush in his hand instead of a sword. He draws and paints so naturally that it looks as if he is just enjoying it - especially when he paints a female figure, bringing all the grace and delicacy of the model. Surely he is an artist who can be called a phenomenon.