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Tombow Dual Brush Pen Primary Colour Set Of 10 Assorted Shades

Water-based AB-T dual brush pens offer high quality nylon fiber brush tip and fine bullet tip in one marker! Highly flexible paintbrush like tip works perfectly for large area color application and fine to bold lines, while fine tip is ideal for details and consistent drawings. Recommended for artists and crafters. Odorless. Acid-free. It comes in:
  • 10 assorted bright colour set
  • 10 assorted Galaxy colour set
  • 10 assorted Greyscale colours set
  • 10 assorted Landscape colours¬† set
  • 10 assorted Muted colour set
  • 10 assorted Pastel colour set
  • 10 assorted Primary colours set
  • 10 assorted Secondary colours set
  • 96 assorted colours set