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Tombow MONO Graph Clear Color Mechanical Pencils 0.3 & 0.5mm Set Open Stock

Tombow is pleased to announce the launch of new clear colors of its MONO graph mechanical pencils, which have a clear pen tip and offer precise writing. The new colors to be added are Clear Colors, a lineup of light colors inspired by the transparent skeleton. The 0.5 & 0.3 mm product is available in six colors: Clear white, Clear Blue, Clear Lime, Clear Mint, Clear Pink, and Clear Purple. The transparent skeleton also shows off the distinctive internal mechanism of the MONO graph. The MONO graph features a clear tip with drafting specifications to enable smooth, precise writing. It also has a long holder eraser and a mechanism that advances the lead when the pencil is shaken, making it a great asset in learning and testing scenarios. The tip part is a fixed pipe type with drafting specifications, and it uses a metal tip pipe that is about 4 mm long and about 1 mm in diameter. The pen tip is clear and offers stable, precise writing. The letters come out clear, making it suitable for writing small text, drawing charts, and using a ruler. A standard size mechanical pencil with a total length of 147 mm, equipped with a shake mechanism that advances the lead when the pencil is shaken back and forth. This allows you to advance the lead with no need to re-grip. The shake mechanism can be locked by sliding the clip toward the eraser. (This is called the “shake lock mechanism.”) You can also advance the lead by sliding the clip. With a low center of gravity, the design offers a stable, fatigue-resistant writing experience. Lead Size: 0.3 & 0.5 mm Length: 14.7 cm / 5.8 inches Body Color: Clear Lime Eraser Type: Twist-Up