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Master Artist Vasudeo Kamath


About the book

This book not only enriches us with a cross-section of Vasudeo Kamath’s landscape painting, but also offers wealth of information about the technical problems of the medium, his own methods to solve creative problems and many practical hints useful for all levels of artists who have special love for outdoor painting and watercolour.  

My Paintings and Thoughts Behind Them by Vasudeo Kamath


About the book

Renowned artist Vasudeo Kamath shares the concepts, thoughts and ideas behind his paintings. “It is widely accepted that accurate drawing, a sense of proportions and perspective, and mastery over one’s medium are the necessary skills for anyone doing realistic paintings, and these can be achieved by diligent study. Acquiring these skills is the artist’s achievement. However, beyond what we see and experience in the external world, is a vaster one within our minds. The artist tries to express and give form to this hidden internal universe through his work...”

Portraits By Vasudeo Kamath


About the book

In this book, Vasudeo Kamath brings to fore his understanding of the subject and his teaching skills as he explains the techniques of portrait painting through various examples. Free demo DVD with this book