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Mijello Mission Gold Watercolor Paint 7ml Set of 24 & 36

Mijello Mission Gold Watercolors are premium quality, designed with the help of professional watercolor artists. The colors are extremely rich and pure, and allow for bright, vibrant effects. These watercolors are handmade by first mixing pigments with premium mediums and dispersants. The concentration of the pure pigment means a little color goes a long way and that there is very little color shift from wet to dry. Many of the colors were recently reformulated for superior lightfastness to better preserve the intensity of your painting. This is a 36 tube set, perfect for watercolor artists. Includes Mijello Watercolor Palette and 7 ml tubes of: Crimson Lake, Rose Madder, Permanent Red, Permanent Rose, Vermillion, Orange, Yellow Orange, Permanent Yellow Deep Permanent Yellow Light, Cerulean Blue, Van Dyke Green, Hooker's Green, Olive Green, Viridian Sap Green, Yellow Green, Greenish Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Burnt Umber, Indigo, Prussion Blue, Peacock Blue, Cobalt Blue No. 1, Ultramarine Deep,Bright Clear Violet, Red Violet, Bright Opera, Yellow Ochre No. 1, Light Red, Raw Umber, Burnt Sienna, Red Brown, Van Dyke Brown, Sepia, Ivory Black, Chinese White This is a 24 tube set, perfect for watercolor enthusiasts. Includes 7 ml tubes of: Chinese White, Lemon Yellow, Permanent Yellow Deep, Yellow Orange, Permanent Red, Permanent Rose, Rose Madder, Bright Opera, Bright Clear Violet, Cerulean Blue, Cobalt Blue No. 1, Peacock Blue, Ultramarine Deep, Indigo, Viridian, Hooker's Green, Sap Green, Yellow Ochre No. 1, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Red Brown, Van Dyke Brown, Ivory Black

Sennelier Watercolour Tube Open Stock

L'Aquarelle Sennelier has been produced for more than a century using the best pigments and top quality Kordofan Gum Arabic. This mix of natural ingredients produces colours which have a smooth, bright texture and offer lively, colourful shades. Sennelier has reworked its formula and increased the amount of honey in the paint to reinforce the longevity of the colours, their radiance, luminosity and creamy consistency. The Gum Arabic and honey combination offers incomparable quality, producing superb washes. The colours mix together perfectly and offer brilliant subtle shades. These smooth, intense colours will be a genuine pleasure to paint with. This is a 10ml tube of Sennelier L'Aquarelle Watercolour Colour Shades - Titanium White 116, Chinese White 112, Nickel Yellow 576, Lemon Yellow 501, Aureoline 559, Cadmium Lemon Yellow 535, Primary Yellow 574, Cadmium Yellow Deep 533, Sennelier Yellow Deep 579, Cadmium Yellow Orange 537, Red Orange 640, Sennelier Orange 641, Chinese Orange 645, French Vermilion 675, Aliz Crimson Lake 695, Venetian Red 623, Alizarin Crimson 689, Carmine 635, Crimson Lake 688, Quinacridone Red 679, Rose Madder Lake 690, Dioxazine Purple 917, Prussian Blue 318, Indigo 308, Blue Indanthrene 395, Cobalt Deep 309, Cobalt Blue 307, Ultramarine Deep 315, Cerulean Blue Red Shade 305, Turquoise Green 843, Cobalt Green 856, Phthalocyanine Turquoise 341, Forest Green 899, Phthalo. Green Deep 807, Viridian Green 837, Olive Green 813, Phthalo. Green Light 805, Bright Yellow Green 871, Brown Green 857, Brown Pink 445, French Ochre 565, Light Yellow Ochre 254, Neutral Tint 931, Van Dyck Brown 407, Warm Sepia 440, Raw Umber 205, Raw Sienna 208, Burnt Umber 202, Transparent Brown 435, Cad. Yellow Light 529, Sennelier Yellow Light 578, Indian Yellow 517, Yellow Lake 561, Naples Yellow 567, Yellow Sophie 587, Naples Yellow Deep 566, Scarlet Laquer 612, Rose Dore Madder Lake 691, Bright Red 619, Cadmium Red Light 605, Sennelier Red 636, Perylen Brown 499, Cadmium Red Purple 611, Opera Rose 659, Cobalt Violet Light Hue 911, Permanent Magenta 680, Cobalt Violet Deep Hue 913, Red Violet 905, Helios Purple 671, Blue Violet 903, French Ultramarine Blue 314, Ultramarine Light 312, Blue Sennelier 399, Phthalocyanine Blue 326, Cinereous Blue 344, Royal Blue 322, Cerulean Blue 302, Emerald Green 847, Sennelier Green 817, Cadmium Green Light 823, Hooker's Green 809, Chromium Oxide Green 815, Green Earth 213, Sap Green 819, Yellow Ochre 252, Gold Ochre 257, Quinacridone Gold 599, Burnt Sienna 211, Perm. Aliz. Crims. Deep 699, Caput Mortum 919, Payne's Grey 703, Warm Grey 705, Sennelier Grey 709, Greenish Umber 203, Light Grey 707, Lamp Black 753, Ivory Black 755, Raw Sepia 443