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White Nights Watercolor Plastic Palette 12 Full Pans Set – Limited Edition

Extra-fine artist's watercolour “White Nights” are professional watercolours of the highest quality that combine old masters' traditions and modern production techniques. The paints are produced of finely ground pigments and binders with the addition of Gum Arabic, which is recognized as the best natural adhesive for professional watercolours. The colours have high intensity colour hues, which do not tone down even when more water is added, thanks to the high concentration and finely ground pigments. The paints have perfect mixing, smearing and spreading qualities. The colour palette consists mostly of  lightfast colours. The set contains 12 colours which  includes  Urban Landscape, Pastel Colours, Metallic and Pastel Colours, Botanica “White Nights” 12 Urban Landscape pallete contains 201 Cadmium Yellow Medium (PY35), 206 Ochre Light (PY43), 217 Golden Deep (PO62), 302 Cadmium Red Light (PR108), 508 Cobalt Blue (PB28), 515 Blue (PB15:6), 521 Ultramarine Deep (PB29), 713 Emerald green (PG7, Phthalo Green), 621 Quin Violet (PV55), 405 Raw Sienna (PY43), 401 Vandyke Brown (PR102,PBk8) , 812 Payne's Grey (PV23). “White Nights” 12 Botanica pallete contains 214 Lemon (PY3), 201 Cadmium Yellow Medium (PY35), 206 Ochre Light (PY43), 315 Orange (PO64), 324 Quinacridone Rose (PR122), 364 Geranium Red (PR242), 313 Madder Lake Red Light (PR187), 621 Quinacridone Violet (PV55), 521 Ultramarine Deep (PB29), 509 Bright Blue (PB29), 725 Green (PG8), 413 Sepia (PR102) “White Nights” 12 Metallic pallete contains 981 Antique Gold, 963 Bronze, 968 Inca Gold, 964 Copper, 961 Silver Light, 962 Silver Deep, 819 Pearl-Grey (PR102, PBK7, PW6), 258 Petersburg Ochre (PY42, PBK8,PW6), 433 Mocha (PR102, PV55, PW6), 432 Maroon (PBR7, PR19, PW6), 222 Naples flesh (PO62, PW6) “White Nights” 12 Pastel Colours pallete contains 256 Peach (PY3, PO 64,PW6), 355 Coral (PR242, PW6), 369 Magnolia (PR19, PW6), 366 Pink Peony (PR122, PW6), 626 Lilac (PV19,PW6), 625 Lavender (PV15, PB29, PW6), 528 Royal Blue (PB29, PW6), 512 Celestial Blue (PW6, PB15:3), 747 Warm Green (PY151,PG7, PW6), 735 Mint (PG7, PW6), 255 Dunes (PY42, PBR6, PBK7, PW6), 818 Marengo (PB15, PBK7, PW6)