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ZIG Kuretake Calligraphy II TC-3100 Twin Tip Pen Loose Shades

Calligraphy II is dual tipped water-based dye marker, that has extremely vibrant colors. Artworks shown in the insert card were created by Paul Antonio, a professional, UK based Calligrapher. Artist's collection of 24 colors and 2 line widths  TIP SIZE: 2 mm & 3.5 mm Twin tip calligraphy pen with a fine 2.0mm tip in one end and a 3.5mm in the other end. Both nibs is flat-cut calligraphy nibs which makes this pen kind of unique at the market. The ZIG Kuretake Calligraphy II TC-3100 Twin Tip Pen comes filled with water-based dyestuff ink and is available in 24 different colours.

ZIG Kuretake Calligraphy Metallic Colours MS-8400

This ZIG Calligraphy Pen is a single-sided pen in the square tip style. Calligraphy pens are a great learning tool for exploring the art of Italic calligraphy, Gothic calligraphy, and much more. Zig Calligraphy Pens are great for personalizing greeting cards, invitations, certificates and more! Water-based dye ink, odorless, and Xylene-free. Available in 3 tip sizes - 1.0, 2.0, 3.0