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ZIG Kuretake Calligraphy Metallic Colours MS-8400

Twin tip metallic calligraphy pen with a fine 2.0mm tip in one end and a 3.5mm in the other end. Both nibs is flat-cut calligraphy nibs which makes this pen kind of unique at the market. The ZIG Kuretake Calligraphy MS-8400 Metallic Twin Tip Pen comes filled with water-based pigment ink and is available in 6 different colours. IG Memory System Calligraphy Metallic markers are ideal for scrapbooking and other crafts. They have archival quality, are acid-free, waterproof and photo safe. Waterproof / Archival Quality / Ideal for Scrapbooking and the other crafts / Especially effective on dark colored papers TIP SIZE:2 mm & 3.5 mm INK TYPE: Photo-Safe, Acid Free, Lightfast, Odourless, Xylene Free