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Camel Powder Colours 275ml Open Stock

Economical and ideal for posters, signboards, childrens work experience camp and painting workshops, where moderate durability is expected. By adding Camel Crylin Medium No. 1, the durability can be enhanced

Cretacolor Drawing Powders Open Stock

Cretacolor Graphite Powder uses a variety of mixed media applications: Great for large-scale works, Erases with a kneaded eraser, Highly pigmented and lightfast, Fixative must be used on the final artwork, Glides easily, smudges, blends, rubs off like chalk & Suitable for wet or dry techniques on paper or canvas Charcoal Powder - Using a special deep-firing method, Cretacolor creates dense, rich charcoal. Develop large-scale value drawings or mix with water and a binding agent for additional tonal effects. Graphite Powder - Cretacolor's professional-grade graphite in this fine powder state produces luminous light and dark shades of gray. Sepia & Sanguine Powder - Create beautiful works of shadow and light

SHINHAN Professional Metallic Powder 30ml (15-20g) Open Stock

ShinHan Metallic Powders are extremely versatile and can be applied to oil, water or acrylic based paintings. The beautiful powdered pigment can be used on paper, canvas, shrink plastic, polymer clay, leather, glass, wood and more. They are particularly useful for adding gilded effects to artwork. Metallic Powder can be mixed with binders to form a paste that can be applied to oil, water or acrylic based paintings. It should be prepared just before application in order to achieve maximum luminosity. For oil colours, the best binder is refined safflower oil or linseed oil, except for whites and very pale blues, for which poppy seed oil is recommended. This set contains all 5 ShinHan Metallic Powders: Gold, Rich Gold, Silver, White Silver, Copper.

SHINHAN Professional Metallic Powder 30ml (15-20g) Set of 5

Set of bright metallic powders for multi-media work, mixing with paints and producing gilding effects.
  • Can be used to form watercolour, acrylic, oil, egg tempera and gouache paints
  • Great for adding gilded effects to your painting and other artwork
  • Mix with water shortly before application, or for even better adhesiveness mix with a medium
  • Set of 5 metallic powders
  • Use to achieve brilliant metallic or pearlescent effects
  • Each contains bronze, aluminum or mica pigments
  • Will not easily tarnish or fade
  • Colors include gold, rich gold, silver, white silver, and copper

Nitram Powdered Charcoal 175gms

WHAT’S IN THE BOX Nitram Extra Fine Powdered Charcoal comes in this sturdy, reusable aluminum tin, with a lid that can be sealed tightly to avoid messy leaks. The functional recessed reservoir insert allows you to control the amount of Nitram Charcoal Powder available. It can be easily removed to access and refill the tin.