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Daler Rowney FW Refillable Empty Markers

Daler-Rowney FW Mixed Media Paint Markers are refillable markers which allow you to apply inks and other liquid media with precision across a variety of surfaces. A selection of paint marker sets and nibs are available, suitable for technical drawing, illustration and street art.
  • Refillable markers.
  • Can be used with a variety of media.
  • Variety of barrels and nibs available.
  • High versatility: multi-surfaces, indoor and outdoor, ideal for mixed media...

DALER ROWNEY Simply Acrylic Paint Markers


Simply Acrylic Paint Markers contain water-based colour which is permanent, streak-free and fast drying.

The colours are fully intermixable. Each marker is fitted with a 2-3mm medium point spongy nib that allows for application on canvas, paper, and fabric, as well as harder surfaces like glass, wood, ceramic, and plastic.

COPIC Calligraphy & Brush Marker Open Stock

Ink does not blur on the paper and offers a wide range of representation from sharp fine lines to wide lines, and blurred lines. Water base pigment ink COPIC proof
  • Firm polyester nib Nib size : approx.2mm & 4mm CM:Calligraphy M The most used linewidths in calligraphy. CS: Calligraphy S Ideal for intricute, detailed expressions. Color: Black
  • Genuine Nylon brush Brush Dia. 3.1mm Length 9mm
The new Copic Multiliner specially developed for calligraphy/card making purposes!

Copic Ciao Markers Open Stock

'- Copic Ciao Double-Ended Markers are the perfect choice for beginning artists. - The cap features an inner seal as well as choke-proof venting. - Ciao Markers feature two durable polyester nibs: Super Brush on one end and Medium Broad on the other end. - Works great for use on paper, leather, wood, fabric, plastics, faux fur, and more.

Copic Comic Drawing Pen with Waterproof Ink Pens

Copic Drawing Pen is made for those who prefer the feel of a fountain pen, but don’t want to worry about the mess of a dipping well. This pen provides a variety of line sizes by simply changing the writing pressure. The bleedproof, Copic Drawing Pen is meant to be used for line drawings; over which you are intend to apply Copic color markers. The water-based dye ink will not bleed with Copic markers.
  • Water-based dye ink
  • Acid free
  • Approximate line width: F01: Super fine | F02: Broad
  • Color: Black and Sepia

Copic Marker Multiliner Black Pigment Based Ink

With their precise tips and high-quality inks, Copic Multiliners are favorite tools of artists, illustrators, and architects for meeting the rigorous demands of their inking work. Features:  
  • Pigment-based, waterproof, bleed-proof, acid-free, and archival-quality ink.
  • Compatible with Copic Markers.
  • Photocopy-safe—this ink does not dissolve toner.
Note: Due to the fineness of its tip, this pen must be used with a light touch. Applying too much pressure may bend and damage the tip.

LinePlus SoftLiner Drawing Pen Black

  1.  Chemically stable, waterproof, and fade resistant.
  2.  No smears /feathers, or bleed-through on most papers Ideal for use in acid-free environments
  3.  Multi-purpose pen with the unique, long lasting archival Pigma ink.
  4. Use for tamper proof signatures
  5. Popular with artists, writers, and illustrators to convey their personality, style, or ability, and to safeguard their work with the lasting quality of Pigma ink.
  6. Ideal for fine-point technical drafting, artistic applications and preservation.
  7. Used and recommended by anthropologists/entomologists, scientists/archivists/architects, and professional diamond cutters; cartoonists/Manga and Anime artists /illustrators /heirloom quilters and decorative fabric artists

DOMS Brush Pens Colour 14 And 26 Shades

  • Super Soft Tip
  • Brilliant Colours
  • Includes One Silver and Gold Shade Inside This Pack
  • Explore your Creativity with Doms Brush Pens Crafted to Create Thick and Thin Strokes with Super Soft Tip That Gives Water Colour Effect with Its Water Based INk
  • Available in 14 and 26 Shades
  • Also has a free Montval Pack of 300gsm Watercolour paper pack.

Faber Castell Connector Pens Open Stock

  • Faber Castell Connector Pens Set colours are completely washable
  • It contains 40% more ink and lasts longer
  • Ventilated caps and food grade ink which are child safe
  • Double Click seal cap which prevents drying
  • The broad barrel, big is easy to hold
  • Medium point tip for good ink flow
  • The dual use tip use to write thick & thin
  • It contains FREE Connector which helps in giving angles to the models
  • Special skin & grey colours, 2 black pens for outlining

Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens Black – Wallet of 4 (S,F,M,B)

Tip: Small = 0.3 mm, Fine = 0.5 mm , Medium = 0.7 mm, Brush = brush width Colour: Black

Faber Castell Textliner Assorted Pastel Colour Set of 5



  • Pastel Colour
  • Highlights Brilliantly
  • Colour :- Mystic Green, Smooth Turquoise, Ice Blue, Soft Lilac, Fresh Pink

FABER-CASTELL 5 Ecco Pigment Artist Pen (Set of 5)

Fine liner with pigmented ink lightfast and permanent Acid-free and archival Suitable on smooth paper Recycled barrel and wallet material Ideal for sketching and illustrating Sizes :- B,B,C,SB,0.05